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What to see and do in Marrakech

El Badii Palace: Composed of old gigantic and sumptuous rooms, this palace was destroyed in the seventeenth century. He remains in ruins where you can admire beautiful marquetry, walls and pillars. From inside of El Badii Palace you have splendid views of Marrakech and surrounding mountains. Built by Ahmed El Mansour this huge palace too more than 25 years to build.

Dar si Said Museum: This Marrakech monument is a true masterpiece of Moorish decorative art. This museum exhibits pieces on all room which by themselves are true pieces of art, decorated with stucco or cedar wood, a variety of geometric patterns, calligraphy, arabesque and muqarnas zelliges. With a spectacular decorated ceiling height of 15 m with saffron and henna colors.

Madrassa Ben Youssef: One of the most interesting monuments of Marrakech. Built around 1570 by the Saadian dynasty and after restored in 1960. This ancient Koranic school is the largest in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It could accommodate up to 900 students divided into 132 cells. The decoration is representative of all the themes of decoration of the Moroccan art of that time. You can admire the wooden carvings in Atlas cedar, marble from Carrara, zelliges, and stucco that adorn the monumental walls of this building.

The Mellah: The Mellah is the old Jewish neighborhood of Marrakech built in 1558 by Moulay Abdallah to lodge the Jewish population who had fled Spain and Portugal. Don’t forget to visit the covered markets where you can find high quality fabrics, small pearls or costume inexpensive jewelry and trimmings, spices and “cosmetics”. This is undoubtedly the place to find the best spices for the best price. You can also visit the still function synagogue and the 500 old Jewish cemetery.

Bahia Palace: Built in 1880, this palace was the rich remains of Ba Ahmed, the Grand Vizier of the Sultan. This palace had 150 rooms construction during seven long years. This place was intended to house his four wives, and his 24 concubines! Today, visitors can today admire part of the palace.

Saadian Tombs: Discovered only back in 191, the Saadian Tombs restored by the Department of Fine Arts and Historical Monuments. The first building was called Qubba of Lalla Masâouda and was built by Moulay Abdellah on the grave of his late father Sheikh Mohammed, who died in 1557. Ahmed Al Mansour embellishes the building where his father and his mother (Lalla Masâouda) were buried.

Jemaa el-Fnaa Square: Located in the heart of the Medina, this entertainment is permanent. The souks offer a festival of colors, sounds, and scents that surprise the visitors.

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